FantaZ Billboard LogoFantaZ will be temporarily down while we update our website with some dramatic changes to the site. This process will take approximately 6-9 months. Our new global e-commerce platform will host a variety of new games and products, and will be built with state-of-art technologies – including support for mobile platforms. With superior capabilities, the new site will empower players to compete in cash skill game tournaments, including Fantasy Sports. Additionally our Compensation Plan has been modified to allow all ZBOs the ability to earn unrivaled commissions.

All information currently within the system, user accounts, social network (downline genealogies), and wallet balances will be carried over to the new and improved system.  So, rest assured, any hard work and effort expended creating a social network will be preserved.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact FantaZ’s support.

Thank you for your loyalty and patronage –

“The Best Is Yet To Come”!

FantaZ Management Team

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